Newsletter Volume I

Journey to Serenity

A students account of their yoga journey.


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I had been on a year-long quest to regain the health and fitness levels I had lost through life’s trials and tribulations, when I discovered yoga and The Space.

After taking a desk job, fighting through internal battles and depression, and gaining over fifty pounds, I decided I wanted to get back to my pre-marriage weight and the active lifestyle I had long since left behind. I had previously spent seven years studying mixed-martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (Bjj), and set my goal to get back to my fighting weight and fitness level. After working for a year to condition, I finally began training in Bjj again, only to be plagued by injury after injury. I began to get frustrated. After talking with my doctor and becoming dependent on narcotic pain killers to get through the nights and days, it became clear to me that my joints were no longer capable of handling the impact and strain of Bjj.

After taking a few months off from working out (letting myself heal from a knee injury), I decided to try something new. After doing some research and looking for a studio, I went to my first yoga class on December 21st, 2016 at The Space. After that first night I was hooked - I came home feeling great. That night, I didn’t need painkillers to get through the night; I slept great and woke up feeling better than I had in years. My only complaint was that The Space was closed for the Christmas Holiday until the 28th. But, I had already decided that I was going to become a dedicated yogi, so I bought a monthly unlimited pass and started attending classes four to six nights a week. The more I worked to strengthen my practice, the more I got out of it: I began to lose weight, I had more energy, but more importantly, I began to enjoy life again. My depression disappeared; I was playing more with my kids and arguing less with my wife. I was beginning to find myself again and through this self-discovery, I also found an inner peace with struggles I’d had my entire life. I realized I didn’t have to struggle, I could put these things down and have stillness inside of me, an inner peace I’d never had before.

It has been six months since I began the journey of my yoga practice. I have been guided and encouraged by the staff at The Space, and also by the community therein. I have made friends and grown both personally and physically. As of today, I have attended eighty-five classes totaling just short of 90 hours of yoga practice. I have lost just over forty pounds, and slimmed from a forty-two-inch waist to a thirty-six. I have not needed pain medication in over four months, and I sleep better than I thought possible. I am truly thankful for those around me and for the staff at The Space for helping to guide me on my quest for serenity, and health of mind, body and Spirit.

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