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Restorative Yoga • Yoga Massage • Cold Pressed Juice


3:00 - 5:00 PM

Lengthen + Limber

Restore + Revive

Please join 500 HR Yoga Instructor Kristen McQuaide + 200 HR Yoga Instructor Shari Busek are collaborating to co-create the ultimate afternoon of detoxifying + restoring your mind + body + soothing your soul.

This workshop begins by softening into your parasympathetic nervous system by utilizing the powers of Pranayama / Breathing Exercises + Guided Meditation. Followed by a 90-minute detoxifying restorative yoga class co-instructed by Kristen McQuaide + Shari Busek.

You can anticipate passively holding restorative poses while both instructors adjust, apply essential pressure and or assist you in lengthening and limbering your sore muscles, tenons and ligament. In essence they will work in union intuitively providing bodywork and essential oils to maximize your restorative experience.

Your workshop concludes with a customized detoxifying cold pressed juice delivered right to you on your mat + a complimentary essential oil hydrating face myst to take your escape sensations home with you.

The Space Yoga Studio 525 E. Acequia Ave. Visalia Ca

Sunday April 28th

Investment $55 before

Investment $65 at the door

Kindly book in advance space will be limited to ensure everyone gets the time and attention they need.

Questions: 323.683.7538