I first came to The Space about five months ago after moving back to Visalia after living and studying in the Middle East for some time. I was scattered and dealing with serious health conditions. Kristen, and the amazing community she has created through her studio, have become my family and my lifeline here- they are teaching me how yoga can really work and change our lives, and bodies, for the better. Today I am strong, healthy and striving to become whole and this studio (and its community) has saved and re-inspired my life! I can't really recommend it enough and it is very easy to get what you go for...no matter if it is relaxation, peace, space to breathe or a booty-kicking workout! Kristen offers many different styles of yoga: hot, restorative/yin, vinyasa and aerial and also pilates and barre classes, so it is easy to find something that interests you every day (this goes for not just the classes but also her adorable boutique that is stocked with great quality and even better priced yogi/Ayurvedic merchandise!). She offers lots of workshops and special classes such as a candlelight flow and an upcoming blindfolded sensory flow experience, just to name two. I think absolutely everyone should come to The Space if they are given the opportunity- you won't regret it! Learn to give less in order to get more...namaste!

Eileen Y.

After moving from the big city here I was searching for the right yoga studio and I have to tell you I found a home . The instructor was amazing the classes were very easy for me to follow and the techniques is impeccable . This is my go to place and I might try the aerial yoga.

John M


Excellent studio, instructors are knowledgeable, and the cuing is thoughtful but not distracting. Offerings for beginners to advanced and all levels of practice in between. I always seek a place to practice when on travel for work and this is by far my favorite studio. I would recommend The Space to anyone.

David F.


The moment you walk into The Space you feel the energy of the dedicated, diverse, enlightening and fun group of registered instructors. I have practiced yoga for some time and when you leave after a class you feel so great it is not surprising this studio is becoming a yoga destination for all levels. Whether you live in Visalia or visit from other places the wide range of classes (I think they have over 10 instructors!) will meet all different levels and preferences. Some classes like hot yoga fill fast so make sure to sign up ahead of time, they are very popular! And yes, the small boutique is adorable.



The Space Visalia is one of the best studios in California. I travel around California for work, from Santa Barbara to Turlock and everywhere in between so I've had the pleasure of touring different studios. This studio and the team of instructors here are dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming experience for all levels to practice as they please. I've been practicing for over 7 years now and this studio is the one I'd recommend over any others I've visited. Whether you're new or experienced, this is the place you want to conduct your practice-

Wes C.

"I definitely strengthened and softened! After traveling the past week it felt nice to work on my hips!" -- Ashley M. 

"Such a great way to calm your mind and wake your body before your day begins. Thank you Nicole! I love this class." -- Abigail G.

"Tonight's class was so much fun! Lots of flying and tons of laughter. Thank you so much Kristen! As always you were an amazing guide :)" -- Abigail G. 

"Everything burned! Awesome class." --Kathy P. 

"This was my first class with Kristen, and I loved it! She was super helpful to the first-timers I brought with me." -- Katie C. 

"I look forward to this class all week! Errin really knows how to connect your mind and body to deliver an amazing yoga practice." -- Georgia N. 

"I love Yogi Emily! She's gentle, encouraging, and motivating! If you're new to yoga, this is a perfect place to begin. If you're not new, it's a perfect place to continue! Thank you, Emily! -- Patty Z.