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Sound Bath - Music Heals

We recommend that you book in ADVANCE as were pretty sure this will SELL OUT!

Nāda Wakes is a music duo from the Pacific Northwest exploring the power of sound, voice and vibration to facilitate experiences of mindfulness, relaxation, emotional release and delight.

They create original soundscapes colored with light and joy as well as darkness and complexity. These sensory experiences guide listeners through self discovery and the unlocking of emotion, stagnant energy, wisdom and the untapped power we all hold in our bodies.

They travel all over the world to help heal through their music and mystic voices.

Journey Through the Chakras

This special sound bath has 7 movements each corresponding with a chakra. Using carefully orchestrated tones, and beautifully written mantras and vocal harmonies, we guide participants through their bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually to help restore balance and facilitate healing through this powerful and ancient metaphysical system.

Most of this sound bath will be done in a supine/on your back position. We encourage everyone to wear comfortable clothing and if you have a favorite pillow and or blanket that helps you ease into relaxation we encourage you to bring those items from home. We also encourage you to bring an eye pillow to help you drop deeply into parasympathetic nervous system / rest and digest.

We are creating space for tea and journaling after. The power of journaling helps the writing to understand better their thoughts and feelings without judgment which can be reflected on at a later date to help the writer own their experiences and potentially re-create their narrative's. We can not change the facts of our lives but we can change our narratives.

$55 Before

$65 At the Door

Doors open at 2:45 pm

Book in advance this will sell out!

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