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Light + Sound Intuitive Flow

Saturday Evening at The Space - Light + Sound Intuitive Flow

All Levels Vinyasa Intuitive Flow

75 minutes. Lead by Errin Hurtado @errin_arlene


Book in advance! Space is limited

Air Conditioned Room

Come receive healing and self exploration as we connect into subtle body; Using color therapy, sound, and vinyasa to radiate and vibrate your being as a whole. Take an intuitive journey for your soul as we move through each of our energy centers with color and asana creating a more intentional conscious you. Open the heart and mind while establishing love and understanding to the world around us and how to coexist within it being in union with the internal and external. Bring your smiles and love while work together to play, create, and harmonize within subtle body.


Thank you for the Beautiful pictures by the lovely Jacki Lyn Potorke @jackipotorke

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Not many people know or understand what color therapy, also called chromotherapy, is all about. Simply put, it is a holistic healing modality that incorporates different colors in an attempt to positively alter our emotions, moods and overall wellbeing.

Color, which is a type of visible light, also contains electromagnetic energy. Every color seen in the rainbow contains its own special healing property.

Even the Sun and Moon have healing qualities to them. There are many people throughout the world who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and find solace through the use of a sun lamp or other such device that mimics the healing properties of the Sun.


Every single cell in our bodies need light energy in order to grow and survive. Color energies therefore affect our whole body.


A color therapist uses certain tools and/or visualization techniques and suggestions to apply color to our bodies in an attempt to heal those parts of our bodies suffering under physical, emotional, or spiritual strain.

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