"Erinn is a great teacher who gave good pointers throughout the class to remind me to maintain focus and keep muscles active throughout the practice. She set an intent and reminded me throughout the hour of the intent. At the end of class she further defined the intent which was a beautiful addition. Very positive energy."  -- Tiffany S. 

"I definitely strengthened and softened! After traveling the past week it felt nice to work on my hips!" -- Ashley M. 

"Such a great way to calm your mind and wake your body before your day begins. Thank you Nicole! I love this class." -- Abigail G.

"Tonight's class was so much fun! Lots of flying and tons of laughter. Thank you so much Kristen! As always you were an amazing guide :)" -- Abigail G. 

"Everything burned! Awesome class." --Kathy P. 

"This was my first class with Kristen, and I loved it! She was super helpful to the first-timers I brought with me." -- Katie C. 

"I look forward to this class all week! Errin really knows how to connect your mind and body to deliver an amazing yoga practice." -- Georgia N. 

"I love Yogi Emily! She's gentle, encouraging, and motivating! If you're new to yoga, this is a perfect place to begin. If you're not new, it's a perfect place to continue! Thank you, Emily! -- Patty Z.