Kristen McQuaide

When I first discovered Yoga over 15 years ago I immediately experienced its transformative powers. Yoga saved my life when I was going through a very painful emotional transition in my life and yoga continues to save my life, keeping me balanced every day.   Whether I am teaching or practicing Yoga, my happiest place is being on my mat. My mat never disappoints and it is my most honest teacher, listener, healer and challenger. I seek to inspire and empower others to pioneer their personal wellness path on and off their mat’s.


Kristen McQuaide,  certified 500 RYT, Co-Creator of FireFlex Yoga [ yoga based wellness program for fire fighters] Aerial Yoga Certified and the owner/director of T H ES P A C EStudio of Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pilates and Barre in Visalia, California, USA. Kristen has studied under the internationally recognized and advanced yoga teacher Peter Sterios ERYT-500  founder of LEVITYoga™, MANDUKA™ Yoga Mats, and creator of the popular yoga DVD series “Gravity & Grace”.  After graduation Kristen was asked to be the first LEVITYoga™ Teacher Trainer.    Currently studying to become an Ayurveda Therapist,  under James Bailey LAc,  Dipl Ayu, ERYT 500,  licensed acupuncturist, Yoga + Ayurveda Master Teacher, Found of Sevanti wellness center .



Nicole Schafer

Nicole has always shared her love for fitness and exercise in finding a mind body connection. She moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and brought with her a background is in kinesiology and business. She began yoga as cross training for swimming while in high school. As she got older, it became the only way to calm her mind and make her feel centered. Nicole is passionate about philanthropy, traveling, striving to lead a healthy, well-balanced life and promoting that lifestyle to others. Follow her on Instagram @nicoleschafer. 

Nicole Saputo

Nicole Saputo has been hooked on yoga since her very first class in 2013. She knew right away that it was something she would practice for the rest of her life. Already a high school English teacher, she knew that teaching yoga would someday be in her path and she could not be more grateful that Denise brought teacher training to Visalia. Nicole is a 200 hour RYT and completed her training with YogaWorks.

With practicing yoga has come so many benefits for Nicole, both physically and mentally. It has transformed her body to be healthy and strong and has given her a peaceful and positive outlook on life. Nicole has a playful approach to yoga; she believes that it can benefit everybody and body type, and thinks that yoga should primarily be something fun that people can do to lead happier and healthier lives.

Emily Lucietto

Emily is a certified yoga teacher through COIL Yoga in Fresno, California.  She is married to Gian Lucietto and together they have three children - Luca, Annie, and Marco.  Emily views yoga as the ultimate form of self care and an essential part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Emily first stepped onto her yoga mat as a senior in high school, and she now loves sharing her love for the practice with students of all levels.  While on any given day there are countless reasons for students to roll out their mats, Emily's students leave her class with a focused sense of calm and presence, a lighter heart, and a desire to come back for more.  When she is isn't practicing yoga, you can find Emily playing with her kids, running, hiking, grading essays, writing curriculum, or reading something new and fun. 

Ellie Birch

Ellie Birch took her first yoga class as a junior in high school in order to help with some health issues — and it truly changed her life. The mind-body-soul connection combined with a physical workout was exactly what she was looking for and Ellie continued her practice throughout college to de-stress from finals and meet friends.  When Ellie lived in the yoga mecca that is New York City, she experimented with many styles and classes.  Yoga continued to change her life, bringing greater health and perspective, and she wanted to share this love with others by becoming a teacher herself.  Ellie completed her 200-hour training with YogaWorks, a globally recognized leader in yoga philosophy and teaching.  Her classes are light-hearted while being grounded in yogic fundamentals and are enjoyable for all levels.  One of her greatest joys is seeing how yoga changes the lives of her students…even in the smallest of ways.

Errin Hurtado

Errin Hurtado, a Visalia native, has been practicing yoga since 2009. The moment she found yoga she knew this was one of the most unique ways to align our mind, body, and spirit through breath awareness, meditation, and physical practice. Errin is a Certified Massage Therapist + 200 HR RYT, enjoys healing arts and is compassionate about getting her students and clients in tune with themselves while they learn to bring a higher consciousness to life in all circumstances. "Life is a precious journey that we are forever learning and should be forever grateful for all we are and who are meant to be." - Errin H. 

Chelsea Herman

Chelsea has always loved to move.  Childhood performances in the living room turned into time on the stage.  She fell in love with the ballet barre movement which introduced her to yoga + to a close knit community here in Visalia.  The combination of strength + flexibility yoga provides, along with the balance of mind/body connection, has changed the way she stays fit.  After completing her 200-hour YogaWorks training she's excited to share her love of yoga, aerial yoga and barre with anyone who comes to the studio.       

Gillian Wilson

Gillian first discovered yoga during her freshman year of college in 2006.  She really found her love for yoga around 2009 after her first 'Hot Yoga' class and was instantly hooked.  She dabbled in other class over the years and considered taking teacher training early on in Corpus Christi, but the timing was never right.  In 2013 she relocated with her Fiance to begin a new adventure at NAS Lemoore.  After two years of practicing in the Central Valley, the opportunity arose to take a YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training and Gillian completed the training in 2015.  Gillian loves moving her students through class mindfully and safely, while still having fun and sharing a few laughs.

Tara Barile

Tara is a certified  200  HR  RYT + Aerial Certified Yoga instructor. She's been practicing yoga on her own for years. On a whim, she found a studio in Visalia and a sense of community that she'd never come across before. By going to the studio, she found that she could not only find a little space to breathe, but also alleviate the guilt of taking time out of her day for her practice.Trying out an offered aerial yoga class, she was instantly hooked.  Inspired by the amazing women teaching and guiding her through her yoga practice, she decided to become a teacher. She now teaches aerial yoga and floor yoga and appreciates all of the wonderful people that share their time with her. 


Alona first stepped onto a yoga mat a a very young age. Her mom has been, and remains, a fitness instructor for over 36 years, so healthy lifestyles as well as teaching students comes very naturally to her. She spent 9 years in a dance studio practicing every form of dance and expression they would allow. From Ballet, both flat and point, to jazz and tap, to hip-hop and break dancing, movement and flexibility has always been an important part of her life. Her love of yoga began during her first pregnancy with her oldest daughter, where she chose to practice prenatal yoga for stress reduction. It was love at first practice! She practiced for several years before becoming certified the summer of 2014.  While in the beginning of her yoga instruction, she was approached by the group X manager at the gym she was working at about teaching new BARRE classes, which, after all of the dance experience she had, was perfect! She certified quickly and has loved helping women, and occasionally men, feel healthier and happier in their own bodies. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and doing things outside, like gardening, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and riding quads. She believes life is short, and you should spend it with who you love. She loves her family and her students. She wants to create a fun and safe space to laugh and work and breathe and exist.



Jennifer Kramling is a certified 200hr RTY instructor. She recently relocated here from Las Vegas NV where her yoga journey began. In early 2010 she realized her mind, body and soul were in desperate need of healing. With the help of a close friend, she discovered the practice of yoga and its wondrous healing effects. In October 2013 she immersed herself in a journey of self discovery where she completed her teacher training in Costa Rica. Under the guidance of Paula Tursi and Peter Kaaberbol, she spent her time there studying yoga, meditation and Thai massage. That experience changed her life and started her on a new path of helping others to heal their own mind, body and soul. As a trained massage therapist, Jennifer brings a hands-on approach to her style of teaching. 



Adrienne took her first yoga class in college and could quickly appreciate the new perspective it offered. Like most early students she enjoyed working towards larger and impossible looking postures, but as time went on she found herself more interested in yogic theory. Borrowing from the wisdom of B.K.S. Iyengar she grew to understand that, "the pose begins when you want to leave it." Learning that the freedom found in yoga comes after the discomfort from the original pose, and that it is not so much about achieving different postures, but observing yourself in them. She now teaches Yin Yoga, and has a mindful approach to her personal practice and teaching. She focuses on personal inquiry, moving inward, and believes that even a moment of stillness and synchronicity in the mind body connection is a wonderful achievement. 



Jenni Leight Mullins.jpg

For Jenni Mullins, movement has always been a way of life. She is a mother of 5, wife, children's acrobatic and tumbling teacher, a holistic wellness advocate, certified Reiki Practioner and certified Yoga and Pilates teacher.   She has over twenty years of experience teaching mindful movement in schools, recreational facilities, physical therapy offices, fitness studios, dance studios, Pilates and Yoga studios.  

Jenni has a passion for promoting  holistic wellness that focuses on personal transformation and growth in all areas of one's life. She has helped hundreds of individuals overcome anxiety, ease physical and emotional pain, restore balance and reconnect to their body, mind, and spirit. Jenni specializes in adapting the Yoga & Pilates postures to each individual student's ability level, helping them reach their highest potential.

Her services include Holistic Healing tools, Educational Workshops, Group Classes, Individualized Private Sessions, and Organic Aromatherapy products that empower people to find a deeper understanding of themselves as they heal from the inside out. 

Yoga has been a transformational journey for Jenni of healing, empowerment, peace and self acceptance. When she feels off balanced with the demands of motherhood and life, she steps into the sacred space of her Yoga mat to seek solitude.

Jenni received her 200RYT Yoga Certification from Perfect Balance Yoga in Fresno, under the guidance  Anirudh Shastri. In 2007 she began additional Yoga studies and certifications with Master Teacher, Max Strom, an International Yoga Teacher, author and founder of Center of Sacred Movement of Venice Beach, CA. Jenni received her Pilates certification from Jonna Shengle at Pilates Plus and Physical Therapy Specialists, where Jenni worked as a Yoga Therapist.