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30 Day Yoga Challenge

Your Body - Your Choice

30 Day Challenge Jan 9 - Feb 7

Starting January 9 th 2017 you have the opportunity to choose which Yoga Challenge you would like to participate in!  They all begin on January 9th and can last for 30 days or 60 days or 90 days, You

Whichever challenge you choose it includes a monthly unlimited package for the length of that particular challenge!

To Participate in the 30 day challenge you must do the following for 4 consecutive weeks.

  1. Take 5 classes per week in studio (The Space)
  2. Do 1 hour per week at home  of yoga or act of kindness, compassion or community service
  3. Then post 3x per week on Facebook and or Instagram the 1 hour of yoga of service
  • (In your post you must TAG @thespacevisalia #yoga #community #visalia #centralvalleylove)

         4. Write one review on MindBody

Prize: All Who Complete the Challenge
5 pack studio classes (all classes we offer) + $30. Gift Certificate to our boutique


Total Value $390.
Total Investment. $190

**** Bonus Drawing – One Winner*****
All 4 week qualifying challengers are entered in a Drawing for $25 local shop gift card, and 2 specialty studio classes (aerial, hot)

Hard Work Rewarded!!!  


Not only will you feel and look amazing and have created some seriously healthy habits at the top of the New Year #2017 #best #you, you also will have the opportunity to be entered in the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING!!

Grand Prize Drawing For All Qualifying Participants ONE WINNER
A grand prize drawing for all successful participants (must have fulfilled your chosen challenge  to win From Manduka Pro lite yoga mat, two blocks, yoga strap, yoga commuter strap to hold your yoga mat + mat cleaner + space tank

Total value for Grande Prize winner:  $200. 

Drawing done the Monday after the 90
Day Challengers finish 2017