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Spring Exquinox Detox - 90 Minute Hot Vinyasa

Spring Equinox Detox


Saturday March 24

3:00-4:30 pm

HOT DETOX! Sweat it out!


We will start with Pranayama - Kapalabahti, Breath of Fire to stoke the internal Prana/fire to warm the internal body as well as the external maximizing every movement in every moment.

Mixed Levels Hot Vinyasa class with a sprinkle of "yin-ish" style yoga threaded through out the class. *Some yoga experience recommended.

We Yogis believe that the 12 weight bearing joints in the body hold old stories, hurts and traumas and by opening them, like in pigeon pose we can release these traumas creating a sense of lightness and newness / emotional detox)

Saturday March 24

3-4:30 pm

90 min Hot Vinyasa

$20 before $25 aft the Door

Space is Limited book in advance!

Items recommended to bring:


Hot yoga mat and or over towel or large beach towel

Hand or Face towel if you sweat a lot

A willingness to be an explorer of your internal universe and an obedient observer of your physical body

Space is limited book in advance! #sweatlife